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Nabota Reviews – All About the Korean Product

David Fuller

Last Updated On: June 17, 2024

Wrinkle-smoothing botulinum toxin type A injections have become the gold standard for noninvasive aesthetic procedures. Commonly referred to as “Botox,” these treatments effectively combat fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Beyond Botox, many FDA-approved cosmetic neurotoxins exist, including Nabota (AKA Jeuveau).

Nabota stands out as a remarkable Korean creation. Developed by Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Nabota is a highly purified botulinum toxin type A product. Its patented manufacturing process ensures minimal impurities, making it safe and delivering natural-looking enhancements. Nabota is commonly used to treat glabella lines.

This article delves into patient experiences with Nabota while also exploring its mechanism of action and clinical applications.

Key Takeaways

  • Nabota, a botulinum toxin product from South Korea, has gained attention in the global market for its efficacy and safety.
  • Published clinical studies and expert reviews have highlighted its effectiveness in aesthetic and therapeutic indications.
  • Real-world experiences and patient satisfaction reflect positive feedback on Nabota’s performance.
  • Comparisons with other botulinum toxin products, such as Botox and Dysport, show promising results for Nabota.
  • Overall, Nabota has established itself as a competitive option in the botulinum toxin market, and it is growing in popularity among clinical practitioners and patients.

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Introduction to Nabota

Nabota, a botulinum toxin type A product known as Jeuveau in the United States, is manufactured by Daewoong in South Korea and is widely recognized for its purity and effectiveness in smoothing frown lines. Nabota’s FDA approval as Jeuveau in the United States proves that the manufacturer follows high safety and efficacy standards. 

Medical professionals compare Nabota with similar products, such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, to provide the best treatment options for their patients. Despite its global reputation, there are warnings about using unauthorized products that may pose health risks. 

Nabota’s success highlights South Korea’s commitment to dermatological excellence and the rigorous research that led to its international acclaim. As more research is conducted, Nabota proves its safety and efficacy, making it a trusted choice for treating muscular issues and frown lines worldwide.

Clinical Studies and Expert Reviews

Clinical studies have given us many insights into Nabota. They show how it works and its effects on patients.

  • A single-arm, prospective, phase 4 clinical study assessed the safety, efficacy, and onset of action of Nabota for treating glabellar frown lines.
  • Forty-two subjects received intramuscular injections of 20 U of Nabota (0.1 mL, 4 U/0.1 mL).
  • Improvement in glabellar frown lines at maximum frown was observed in 85.4% of subjects 2 days after administration.
  • Improvement at rest was seen in 51.2% of subjects 2 days after administration, with the proportion of improvement increasing over time.
  • No severe adverse events were recorded, and Nabota was found to be safe and effective.

These insights from medical professionals highlight how Nabota is a competitive choice for botulinum toxin products for therapeutic and aesthetic uses.

Real-World Experiences and Patient Satisfaction

Patients share their stories, telling us how Nabota worked for them. They talk about feeling better and the side effects they faced.

Image courtesy of Anna Clinic

A patient with fat cheeks and face chose genuine Nabota from Korea, noted for its 98.7% purity and Hi-pure technology, which minimizes allergy and drug resistance. Post-injection, the patient saw a 30%- 40% immediate improvement, with more precise results and significantly reduced wrinkles, showcasing Nabota’s effectiveness.

Image courtesy of Anna Clinic

The procedure lifted cheeks, slimmed the face, and reduced cheekbones, enhancing facial smoothness and definition. Safe and non-surgical, the patient saw a 30%-40% improvement immediately, with 98.7% pure Nabota from Korea ensuring low allergy and drug resistance.

These shared experiences paint a broad picture of patient satisfaction and cautious optimism among medical professionals considering Naboka for their practice.

Nabota effectively treats glabellar frown lines, competing with leading brands like Botox. Medical professionals carefully consider Nabota’s potential side effects against its proven benefits, mainly due to concerns over unauthorized products flagged by health authorities.

Aesthetic and Therapeutic Indications

Nabota excels at smoothing wrinkles and treating muscle issues. People find it works well and also compare it to similar products. Its high purity levels make it a favorite for those seeking smoother skin without deep wrinkles.

Comparison with Other Botulinum Toxin Products

It’s essential to analyze how it compares to other botulinum toxin products. This comparative perspective offers valuable insights for medical professionals evaluating its clinical applications. 

FeatureNabota (Daewoong)Botox (Allergan)Dysport (Ipsen)Xeomin (Merz)
Origin CountrySouth KoreaUnited StatesUnited KingdomGermany
Efficacy in Glabellar LinesShown to be more effective than BotoxHighModerate to highModerate to high
FDA Approval StatusSister brand JEUVEAU® approvedApprovedApprovedApproved
Market PresenceTop-second Korean botulinum toxin brand, global market presenceWidely recognized and used globallyStrong presence, especially in EuropeGrowing global presence
Risks and Safety ConcernsConcerns about unauthorized productsEstablished safety profile with rare adverse effectsSimilar to Botox, rare adverse effectsNo complexing proteins, potentially lower risk of antibody formation
Therapeutic IndicationsUsed for various muscle disordersWide range of therapeutic and cosmetic usesPrimarily therapeutic usesFocus on both therapeutic and cosmetic applications
Onset of ActionOngoing research24-72 hours2-3 days3-4 days
CostCompetitiveHigher pricedVaries by regionComparable to Botox


Nabota has established itself as a reputable botulinum toxin product with proven efficacy and safety. Its positive reception in clinical and real-world settings underscores its value in addressing aesthetic and therapeutic needs. As the product expands its global presence, it is poised to remain a key player in botulinum toxin treatments.


1. What is Nabota, and why is it gaining attention? 

Nabota is a Korean product renowned for its beauty treatment applications. It has garnered significant attention due to its FDA approval, highlighting its safety and efficacy.

2. Does FDA approval mean Nabota is safe to use? 

Yes, FDA approval indicates that Nabota has undergone rigorous evaluation and is deemed safe for use.

3. How significant is FDA approval for Nabota?

FDA approval is highly significant. It demonstrates that Nabota meets stringent standards and places it in a distinguished approved treatment category.

4. Can I trust online reviews about Nabota? 

Yes, online reviews can provide valuable insights into Nabota’s effectiveness. However, individual experiences may vary.


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