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RESTYLANE® Fillers for Every Indication

RESTYLANE® fillers are gel injectables that contain hyaluronic acid. They have a consistent concentration of 20 mg/mL hyaluronic acid and 0.3% of the anesthetic lidocaine added to most products to alleviate the discomfort the patient may experience from the injection. The variety in the RESTYLANE® range of products comes from differences in firmness, flexibility, and particle size in the various formulations, depending on their intended use. Those looking to order the RESTYLANE® line of products should know that it covers an extensive list of facial and skin treatments:
  • Reducing wrinkles and aging lines
  • Lip enhancement for volume and contouring
  • Enhancing cheek volume
  • Contouring the jawline, chin, lips, and nose
  • Decreasing shadows around the eyes
  • Lessening melomental folds (lines around the mouth corners)
  • Minimizing nasolabial lines (lines from the nose to the mouth)
RESTYLANE® is a brand name that’s the first hyaluronic acid filler to be FDA-approved since 2003.

Why Should You Buy RESTYLANE®?

  • RESTYLANE®’s comprehensive product line allows professionals to choose the most suitable filler for each specific indication and aesthetic need. This versatility provides a significant advantage over competitors with more limited offerings.
  • People choose RESTYLANE® products because they are known to produce natural-looking results, avoiding an overfilled or unnatural appearance. The careful formulation of each product allows the trained professional to make subtle enhancements to the facial features without making them look artificial.
  • The longevity of RESTYLANE® products is competitive with or exceeds that of many other fillers. This durability minimizes the frequency of touch-ups, providing convenience for both practitioners and patients.
  • RESTYLANE® products have a strong safety record. The use of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body, contributes to a lower risk of adverse reactions.

RESTYLANE® Product Range

RESTYLANE® products can be separated into two groups: dermal fillers and skin boosters. Both of these formulas are based on hyaluronic acid. The products come in packages with a pre-filled 1 ml syringe. Here’s a short overview of the available products that could prove useful when looking to order RESTYLANE® online:


Results: Immediate, with optimal effects as any initial swelling subsides. Duration: Six to nine months Recommended Usage: Corrects deep facial wrinkles, adds volume, and shapes facial contours.

RESTYLANE® KYSSE with Lidocaine:

Results: Immediate, with minimal swelling. Duration: Up to a year. Recommended Usage: Enhances lip volume, defines contours, and smooths lip appearance.

RESTYLANE® REFYNE with Lidocaine:

Results: Noticeable immediately. Duration: Up to 12 months. Recommended Usage: Reduces moderate wrinkles and lines.

RESTYLANE® DEFYNE with Lidocaine:

Results: Immediate, with optimal effects after any initial swelling resolves. Duration: Up to 12 months. Recommended Usage: Addresses deep nasolabial folds and restores skin volume.

RESTYLANE® 1ml with Lidocaine:

Results: Immediate, with final results visible once any initial swelling diminishes. Duration: Up to 18 months. Recommended Usage: Adds volume, corrects fine lines, and is suitable for lip enhancement.

RESTYLANE® VOLYME with Lidocaine:

Results: Immediate, with optimal effects post-swelling. Duration: 9 to 12 months. Recommended Usage: Volumizing gel filler for facial volume enhancement.

Restylane® Eyelight™:

Results: Immediate improvement, with final results seen post-swelling. Duration: Up to at least six months. Recommended Usage: Targets under-eye grooves, reducing shadows and dark circles. We also offer several skin boosters by RESTYLANE®:


Results: Gradual improvement was seen over a few weeks. Duration: Up to 12 months. Recommended Usage: Hydrates and rejuvenates younger, delicate skin.


Results: Gradual improvement was seen over several weeks. Duration: Up to six months. Recommended Usage: Restores hydration in mature or sun-damaged skin.

RESTYLANE® vs. Competition

RESTYLANE® is a trusted brand that stands out in the competitive landscape of dermal fillers, and that is why many patients opt to buy RESTYLANE®. Here are key benefits that set RESTYLANE® apart: FDA approved: Several RESTYLANE® products have received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including RESTYLANE® EYELIGHT™, RESTYLANE® Contour, and RESTYLANE® DEFYNE, reinforcing their reputation for safety and efficacy. This regulatory recognition sets RESTYLANE® apart as a trusted and rigorously evaluated option for cosmetic enhancements. World-renowned for reliability: RESTYLANE® has established a global reputation for quality and efficacy, contributing to its widespread adoption by practitioners worldwide. Patient care: RESTYLANE®’s approach is patient-centered. The integration of lidocaine, an anesthetic, into the treatment provides a more comfortable and less painful experience. The brand’s consistent commitment to research, development, and innovation further solidifies its standing in the competitive landscape.


RESTYLANE® is designed for individuals looking to enhance their facial appearance. This means professionals in the field of skincare, doctors with a focus on cosmetic dermatology, and people considering enhancing lip volume, smoothing wrinkles, or achieving a more youthful look. Discover the transformative potential of RESTYLANE® at Med Supply Solutions. Whether you’re a skincare professional exploring innovative products or someone interested in achieving a refreshed look, when looking to buy RESTYLANE® online, you should always look for an experienced reseller that offers a range of formulations to meet diverse cosmetic needs. Explore our selection of rejuvenating solutions at Med Supply Solutions to uncover the possibilities for facial enhancement and revitalization. For temperature-sensitive items, look for thermo-regulated packaging with ice that can last up to ten days and cardboard boxes with protective padding for non-temperature-sensitive shipments. For added questions regarding the shipments or specific products, you can always contact our support team on the phone or via email. Are you ready to enhance your practice with RESTYLANE®, the trusted name in dermal fillers? Get in touch with our experts for personalized recommendations or place your order now!



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