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Combining Dysport with Other Treatments: Maximizing Results with a Comprehensive Approach

David Fuller

Last Updated On: May 6, 2024

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 60% of cosmetic treatment recipients opt for non-surgical options, with Dysport being a popular choice. This indicates a strong preference for less invasive methods of enhancing appearances.

This preference is due to consumers wanting effective treatments that require minimal recovery and fewer risks. This is often paired with choosing Dysport for its versatility. Dysport is commonly combined with other non-surgical methods to enhance overall cosmetic outcomes, allowing individuals to address multiple concerns more effectively than any single treatment.

This article explores the effectiveness of combining Dysport with other treatments, highlighting the benefits such as enhanced satisfaction and prolonged results.

Key Takeaways

  • Originally derived from a toxin, Botox is used in small, safe doses for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. 
  • Dysport’s ability to relax muscle contractions and reduce wrinkles is significantly enhanced with treatments like dermal fillers, resurfacing, and noninvasive skin tightening.
  • A multimodal approach allows for simultaneously addressing various signs of aging, leading to more comprehensive and satisfying cosmetic outcomes.
  • Customized treatment plans, developed in consultation with experienced healthcare providers, ensure treatments are tailored to individual aesthetic goals, maximizing safety and effectiveness.

Understanding Dysport

Integrative Dysport treatments

What is Dysport?

Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA) is a prescription injection designed to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in adults under 65. It aims to provide a natural, not frozen, look, with results that may vary from person to person​​.

Benefits of Dysport for Anti-Aging

Dysport offers several benefits for those looking to address signs of aging. It is known for creating a smoother facial appearance without a “frozen” look, making facial expressions and movements natural. The treatment results in quick, noticeable changes, often within a few days of the injection, and these effects can last for several months. 

The Synergy of Combining Treatments

Comprehensive Dysport regimen

Advantages of a Multimodal Approach

When combined with other aesthetic treatments, Dysport can enhance outcomes. A multimodal approach in cosmetic procedures often yields satisfying patient results. By addressing various aspects of aging or cosmetic concerns with different treatments, individuals can achieve a more balanced and rejuvenated appearance. 

Combining Dysport with other treatments can amplify anti-aging effects and address multiple concerns simultaneously. For example, Dysport can be used alongside dermal fillers to smooth out wrinkles and add volume to facial areas that have lost fullness over time. 

The combination of Dysport to reduce muscle activity that leads to frown lines and fillers to restore volume can provide a comprehensive rejuvenation effect. Additionally, combining Dysport with skincare treatments like chemical peels or microneedling enhances skin texture and tone, enhancing a youthful and refreshed appearance.

Dysport and Dermal Fillers

Complementing Volume with Relaxation

Dysport, known for its ability to smooth dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movements, works synergistically with dermal fillers, which add volume and smooth out static wrinkles. 

This combination addresses the lines and enhances facial contours for a youthful and rested appearance. Experts emphasize the importance of consulting with qualified healthcare providers to tailor treatment plans that address individual aesthetic goals safely and effectively​​​​​​.

Case Studies: Enhanced Facial Rejuvenation

Case studies and patient testimonials highlight the noticeable changes of combining Dysport with dermal fillers. Patients often report significant improvements in areas of concern, such as fine lines around the mouth, sunken cheeks, hollow areas under the eyes, and thin lips. This multifaceted approach leads to a refreshed, rejuvenated look that balances smoothing wrinkles with restoring facial volume​​​​.

Dysport and Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Achieving Smoother Texture and Tone

When used with Dysport, skin resurfacing treatments offer a way to achieve even smoother skin texture and tone. Understanding Dysport and what to expect from it enhances the treatment experience. Dysport’s ability to reduce muscle activity that leads to wrinkles complements the effects of skin resurfacing techniques, which can diminish the appearance of sun damage, scars, and uneven skin texture. 

Types of Skin Resurfacing Techniques

Popular skin resurfacing techniques combined with Dysport include laser treatments, chemical peels, and microneedling. These methods vary in their approach but share a common goal: to rejuvenate the skin by removing damaged outer layers, stimulating collagen production, and promoting the growth of new, healthier skin.

Dysport and Noninvasive Skin Tightening

Boosting Firmness and Elasticity

Combining Dysport with noninvasive skin tightening treatments, such as Thermage FLX, offers a multifaceted approach to anti-aging by addressing both dynamic wrinkles and skin laxity. Thermage FLX utilizes radiofrequency technology to heat the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen production and leading to tighter, smoother skin. This treatment can be effectively paired with Dysport. 

Effective Technologies for Skin Tightening

Technologies like radiofrequency (RF) and laser resurfacing are among the leading methods for noninvasive skin tightening. RF, used in treatments like Thermage FLX, heats the skin to boost collagen production, improving skin firmness. 

Laser resurfacing techniques, such as those combined in the ThermaFrax treatment, not only tighten the skin but also improve texture by targeting uneven pigmentation and other surface irregularities​​​​.

Customizing Treatment Plans

Assessing Individual Needs and Goals

Effective treatment begins with thoroughly assessing individual skin concerns and aesthetic goals. This personalized approach ensures that the chosen combination of Dysport and skin tightening treatments aligns with the patient’s expectations for anti-aging results, considering factors like skin type, degree of skin laxity, and specific areas of concern​​.

The Role of the Cosmetic Practitioner

The expertise of a cosmetic practitioner is crucial in customizing treatment plans. They have the knowledge to recommend the best combination of Dysport and noninvasive skin tightening treatments based on a detailed evaluation of the patient’s skin and goals. Their role extends beyond treatment administration to guiding, achieving, and maintaining optimal results​​​​.

Safety and Considerations

Managing Expectations and Side Effects

Having realistic expectations and understanding the potential side effects of combined treatments is essential. While noninvasive skin tightening and Dysport offer significant anti-aging benefits with minimal downtime, results vary based on individual skin conditions and treatment parameters. Discussing expectations and concerns with a cosmetic practitioner before treatment can help manage outcomes and ensure satisfaction​​.

Importance of Professional Guidance

Seeking treatment from a qualified and experienced practitioner is essential for safety and efficacy. They can advise you on the appropriateness of combining Dysport with skin tightening treatments for your specific concerns, oversee the treatment process to minimize risks and provide post-treatment care recommendations to maximize results​​​​.


The combination of Dysport with other aesthetic treatments represents a progressive strategy in cosmetic enhancement. It offers a tailored, practical approach to anti-aging. By utilizing a comprehensive treatment regimen, individuals can achieve a more youthful and balanced appearance. 

It is essential to consult with experienced practitioners to customize this multimodal approach to ensure safety, satisfaction, and the best possible outcomes. This holistic method addresses immediate cosmetic concerns and contributes to a more enduring sense of well-being and confidence.


  1. What is Dysport, and how does it work?

Dysport is a prescription injection that temporarily improves the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows by relaxing muscle activity.

  1. Can Dysport be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Dysport can be effectively combined with other treatments, such as dermal fillers, skin resurfacing, and noninvasive skin tightening, to enhance its anti-aging effects and achieve comprehensive cosmetic improvements.

  1. How long does it take to see results from Dysport?

Results from Dysport can be noticeable within a few days after treatment, with the full effect typically appearing within 24 hours to 2 weeks.

  1. Are the results from combining Dysport with other treatments long-lasting?

While individual results may vary, combining Dysport with other treatments often leads to more durable outcomes, with effects lasting several months, depending on the specific treatments used.

  1. What should I consider before getting Dysport and other combined treatments?

It’s essential to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your suitability for combined treatments, and understand the potential risks and benefits to ensure the best possible outcome.


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