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How Long Do Chin Fillers Last?

David Fuller

Last Updated On: March 27, 2024

The chin is an integral part of the face that forms its contour – the overall perception of a person’s appearance largely depends on its shape and proportion.

Chin augmentation is an injection procedure during which the shape and size of the chin are corrected with the help of a filler.

The main purpose of chin fillers is to correct cosmetic defects, whether congenital or age-related (improvement of skin condition, getting rid of wrinkles, correcting the shape of the lower part of the face).

How a Chin Filler Works

Filler injections compensate for the lack of volume in soft tissues and correct facial features with the help of the body’s resources. This minimally invasive method enables a natural-looking aesthetic lifting effect and makes anti-aging effects possible.

Possible indications for chin shape correction with fillers are:

  • A very small chin;
  • The oval of the lower third of the face is not clear;
  • A large amount of fatty tissue in the chin area;
  • Asymmetry;
  • Slight displacement of the chin.

Chin augmentation has the following advantages:

  • Achieves a natural-looking and balanced face appearance;
  • Minimally invasive
  • Safe
  • A minimum of unpleasant sensations due to the use of analgesia;
  • Has a quick and long-lasting effect, and the ability to remove cosmetic defects almost immediately.

But before prescribing this kind of treatment to a patient, beware of the following chin filler contraindications:

  • Diabetes;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • The presence of any inflammatory process in the injection area during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Increased sensitivity to the components of the chin filler drug.

Initially, all types of intradermal fillers work by filling cavities in the intercellular space. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid achieve and maintain the volume thanks to the ability of the polymer molecules to attract and retain water. 

Biostimulant fillers are effective due to the framework they form from their own collagen fibers.

A one-time procedure allows doctors to tighten the face oval and correct asymmetry, making the patient’s facial features more attractive.

To obtain a stable result that lasts for more than a year, you should choose fillers that activate collagen synthesis based on polylactic acid, polycaprolactone, or calcium hydroxyapatite.

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are considered safest because their main component is hypoallergenic, which actively affects skin cells, and promotes regeneration, hydration, and rejuvenation.

How Long Do Chin Fillers Last?

The duration of the obtained effect directly depends on the filler used during the augmentation and its density.

First, let’s compare the longevity of different filler types:

  1. Hyaluronic acid fillers typically last six to 18 months, depending on the specific product used and how the patient reacts to it.
  1. Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers – these fillers’ results can last around 12 to 18 months, with some individuals experiencing longer-lasting effects.
  1. Polylactic acid fillers stimulate collagen production, and the results can gradually appear over several months. However, their effects may last up to two years or more.
  1. Poly-L-Lactic acid fillers also stimulate collagen synthesis; their longevity can range from one to two years.

And now, let’s dig a bit deeper and compare how long the most popular chin fillers on the market last:

Name of the fillerLongevity of the filler
Juvederm Ultra Plusup to a  year
Restylane Defyneup to a year
Belotero Balance6-12 months
Revanesse Versa9-12 months
Teosyal Ultra Deep12-18 months
Restylane Lyft12-18 months
Juvederm Voluma12-18 months
EllanseResults can range from one to four years, depending on the specific variant used
Artefill (Bellafill)Potentially last up to five years or more

How Long Does It Take for a Chin Filler To Settle?

The initial results commonly appear immediately after receiving chin filler injections. However, the filler may take some time to settle fully and to see the final outcome.

The settling process can vary among individuals, but generally, it takes one or two weeks for the filler to fully integrate with the surrounding tissues and for any swelling or bruising to subside. During -this time, the chin may undergo slight changes in shape and contour as the filler settles into place.

Inform your patient to wait until the settling period is complete before assessing the final results and follow up for any necessary touch-ups or adjustments.


To ensure long-lasting chin filler results and avoid possible risks connected to the injection procedure, the patient must follow a set of rules for post-chin augmentation care.

After the chin filler correction, give your patient these simple recommendations:

  1. Avoid sleeping with the face buried in the pillow, massaging and touching the injection area, or trying to knead it during the first three days. Also, during this period, giving up alcohol is a must; it will lead to swelling.
  2. Apply a soothing cream prescribed by the doctor in the first days after the procedure.
  3. Completely avoid hot baths, tanning beds, visiting the sauna, and swimming pool, and vigorous physical activity for at least a week after the intervention.

Inform the patient that the expressiveness and longevity of the results obtained after filler treatment (and the ability to avoid possible complications) largely depend on the patient and their compliance with the recommendations given by their doctor.


Do chin fillers wear off?

Yes, chin fillers do wear off over time. The duration of the effects varies from person to person depending on factors such as the type of filler used, individual metabolism, and so on.

Typically, chin fillers last from several months to a couple of years before the body naturally breaks down and absorbs the filler material. As the filler gradually diminishes, the chin’s appearance may return to its pre-treatment state. 

To maintain the desired chin filler results, follow-up treatments will be necessary.

How many years does a chin filler last?

On average, chin augmentation lasts between six months and two years. However, these are rough estimates, and the actual duration of the treatment can be highly individual. Some patients may experience longer-lasting results, while others may see the effects diminish sooner.

Can chin fillers be permanent?

No, chin fillers are not permanent. Typically the effect of a chin filler last for up to two years at most.

Over time, the filler is gradually metabolized by the body, causing the results to diminish. Therefore, repeat treatments are usually required to maintain the desired chin appearance. 


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