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Trends of eyelash enhancers in 2023 must know

David Fuller

Last Updated On: June 25, 2024


There are so many chances with unique formulas that claim to give you crazy long and thick lashes. But what do they consist of, what is the expected result, and what suits your patients better? Let’s figure out all the subtleties. There are a lot of means which help to achieve the best result. Including ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and castor oil, lash enhancers improve eyelashes’ condition and length. They use popularity because women would like to look more attractive and prettier. Who of your patients does not use castor oil or rice water? It was the first step in lash-enhancing ten years ago. Nowadays, patients have the same question, and you may ask: how to make your lashes grow? So now there are many options to make it with different professional means.

Understanding of eyelash enhancers and their popularity

Eyelash enhancers affect the growth phase of the lash hair cycle. Firstly, it increases the number of hairs and, secondly, the length. Additionally, it moisturizes and strengthens lashes. Furthermore, it nourishes lash follicles to boost the appearance of length, thickness, and curl. Some of them increase the size of the growth cycle by stopping them from falling out, allowing them to grow longer. Speaking about their looks, it looks like an eyeliner or mascara bottle with an applicator brush. Writing about product composition can have a lot of very different ingredients. It begins with vitamin biotin, peptides, lipids, and amino acid arginine and ends with a blend of 15 herbs or pumpkin seed extract. All of them are good for your patients’ lashes. Just the amount of composition plays a role. If we consider the effect we get as a result, as a rule, we need from two to eight weeks with real progress in 3 months. Some deliver impressive improvement in length and thickness in as little as two weeks, and some need more time. It is essential to pay attention to clinically tested, allergy-tested, and dermatologist-tested products. As usual, it is a nightly conditioning product infused with technology that enhances the appearance of length, volume, and definition of lashes. There are many products in the middle as well as a luxury segment. We are an eyelash enhancer supplier. Depending on the selected patients` segment, you may choose an eyelash enhancer for them. After making a choice, they will be able to buy eyelash enhancers on our website.

The various types of eyelash enhancers:

  • Gels

Enhancer gel is aimed at treating eyebrows and eyelashes. With age, these hairs become less numerous, have an unaccented appearance, and are thin. If your patients want to avoid the previous problem, the gel makes it possible to give volume and lengthen them, and the eyebrows and eyelashes will be thicker. Many eyelash gels include acetyl tetrapeptide-3, and this component helps to enhance the result. The enhancer gel is available in a mascara bottle with an applicator brush.

  • Serums

Most lash serums consist of a mix of topical vitamins and oils. They are making them healthier and more resistant to thinning — most eyelash serums on the market condition the lashes. Much like conditioner for the hair, this reduces breakage and allows lashes to grow longer. Many lash serums include biotin, otherwise understood as vitamin B7. Another ingredient is panthenol, also known as vitamin B5. They help strengthen hair. At the same time, there’s no information that biotin enables them to grow thicker when used, and it can help create the appearance of fullness. Moisturizing or conditioning serums won’t grow lashes but may strengthen and condition the hairs. So, by indicating the ingredients, you may choose the best lash serum for your patients. Additionally, consider components if they have an allergic reaction to something on it. 

  • Mascaras

Mascara is one of the essential instruments in a woman’s beauty arsenal. It can add length and volume and help you achieve that perfect lash. Additionally, it makes both upper and lower lashes. They’re easy to use because of their adaptivity. The unique applicator brush in a tube and special ingredients will make your patients’ lashes more expressive and seductive and give them definition. The fundamental components are preservatives, waxes, oil, and pigments. 

  • Oils 

 Oils are one of the most traditional means for lashes. The best oil for lash growth is castor oil. The scientific data says that castor oil may help to promote lash growth. As with any product, there’s always the risk of experiencing irritation. It’s necessary to know the procedure for applying something to the delicate eye area. Your patients only need to apply a small amount to a place like their arm. That is why they will need to test at least 24 hours before using the oil.

Furthermore, it is essential to use caution to avoid getting the oil in the eye. And if your patients brush the oil with a brush, they will need to clean it after each use to prevent the risk of irritation or infection. It’s also best to apply the castor oil at night and wash it off in the morning.  

Before choosing the best product is suits your patients’ better, you need to take the following criteria into account:

  • Description and features
  • Customer reviews 
  • Correlation of price, amount of product, and the financial condition of the patient, if she mentioned it

How to use eyelash enhancers for your patients?

  1. Make sure your patients` eyelashes are clean and free of any makeup or beauty product that can prohibit the best results.
  2. When applying the serum, the lash isn’t as important as the roots! Serums work by providing essential nutrients and peptides to the source, not the lash itself.
  3. It will only delay the process and slow down results — no need for eyelash serum more than once a day. However, your patients’ MUST apply daily. It will allow for achieving the speediest results.

Jalupro Eyelash/Eyebrow Enhancer Gel is the most famous brand that provides gels that stimulate lash growth. 

Eyelashes have a life cycle of around 1-9 months, but as we age, the number of lashes decreases. They also become thinner, sparse, and damaged. Our eyelashes protect the eyes and absorb dirty and irritant substances, but they can weaken quickly due to friction. This can be caused by makeup and added pressure when removing makeup. Eyebrows can also be weakened by makeup and makeup removal. 

This eyelash enhancer gel stimulates growth with the following:

  • peptides
  • biochanin A
  • an extract of red clover
  • acetyl-tetrapeptide-3

This eyelash treatment is proper for lashes that are naturally short and sparse or that could use enhancement, and clinical studies prove effectiveness. It is a booster serum that produces a volumizing effect. It also activates growth and strengthens the growth and quality of eyebrows and eyelashes. Enhancer gel Jalupro is indeed designed to treat eyebrows and eyelashes. After 40, these hairs become less numerous and have a thin and unaccented appearance. That is why, to avoid this, the gel makes it possible to give volume to the lashes and lengthen them. The latter will thus be denser and thicker. The Enhancer gel is available in a 9 ml mascara bottle with an applicator brush. It contains nourishing lash active elements that encourage longer-looking and more full-looking lashes. 

The special eyelash and eyebrow gel Jalupro enhancer owes its effectiveness to acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 and the plant extracts that constitute it. It can produce the protein matrix cell and collagen production. This formula has been shown to strengthen and enhance the appearance of visibly longer, healthier lashes over time. Customers have reported feeling satisfied with the product, primarily due to the fact that it contains a natural material that enhances the absorption of conditioning compounds, which in turn stimulates the growth of eyelashes.


  • It promotes the vitality and growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • It improves the resistance against the loss of eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • It’s easy to use the product as it has a mascara-style brush.
  • Significant growth and density after two months.

After two months of treatment, there is a significant growth of existing eyelashes and eyebrows and a re-growth of new ones. Also, the lashes become more resistant to friction.

Notice your patients’ are to apply the gel twice daily in the morning and evening for the first month. After that, they need to apply once daily. Detect to use the applicator brush along the upper and lower eyelashes and eyebrows, as you would mascara. They can color mascara on top if required.

All Jalupro products are created with innovative methods of processing ingredients, requirements for standards, and environmental friendliness. As a result, this is an entirely safe and maximally effective medicine, the effects of which have been evaluated by women in the world’s most developed countries.

The price is more reasonable than expensive, considering the other products in this segment.

Our company is an authorized merchandiser of Jalupro, so you can get some of the products here. Also, you can buy Jalupro Enhancer Gel online on our website

There are other leaders in the industry of eyelash serums that work, as well as mascaras and oils — for example, RevitaLash, LiLash, Lashfood, or Latisse.


It is clear that lashes play an essential role in women’s daily beauty routine. Women want to have prominent and distinctive eyelashes because they are highly sought-after attributes. For those who wish for a supernatural, super clean option, a dose of good serum, gel, or mascara can make an impact. The ability to increase its curl, length, thickness, and volume makes the product unique compared to other products in the market. They may improve their appearance in a sea of options, including mascaras, serums, or gels, which we consider in this article. But your patients need to remember that health should be the first step. Some products that affect lash growth are largely unknown and unproven because they have yet to be thoroughly studied. The package of lash enhancers has all the necessary information if it is hypoallergenic, non-irritating, clinically tested, allergy tested, ophthalmologist tested, and dermatologist tested. Most are applied to the skin of the upper eyelid margin. In addition, mascaras, serums, or gels carry a risk of bacterial and fungal contamination and infection. Notice your patients’ to be careful. If you are confident in the chosen mascara, serum, or gel for your patients’, they may buy it in the store or an eyelash enhancer buy online. It is also important to follow instructions attentively before using if your patients are pregnant, nursing, or have any other medical conditions. Before trying a new serum, they need to speak with you as their doctor. Because one serum is suitable for one patient and the other is forbidden for another. 


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