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What Are PRP Kits Used For?

PRP kits are used across various medical specialties to enhance tissue regeneration and accelerate healing.  This multi-faceted technique adds personalized care to the clinic, significantly increasing patient satisfaction and trust. In orthopedics, they facilitate the repair of tendons, ligaments, and joints, significantly reducing recovery times and improving functional outcomes.  Dermatologists employ PRP for skin rejuvenation, leveraging its growth factors to improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines, and enhance overall complexion. The cosmetic benefits extend to hair restoration, where PRP treatments stimulate dormant hair follicles, promoting new growth and increasing hair density. In sports medicine, PRP is instrumental in treating acute and chronic injuries, enabling athletes to return to activity faster while minimizing the risk of future injuries.  Additionally, in dentistry, PRP is used to expedite the healing of oral surgeries and enhance bone regeneration in implant procedures. 

How Long Do PRP Kits Last?

The shelf life of PRP kits varies depending on the manufacturer and the specific components included.  Typically, unopened PRP kits have a shelf life of 12 to 24 months when stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually at room temperature or refrigerated conditions.  Once opened and prepared, the PRP should be used within a few hours to ensure the viability and efficacy of the platelets. 

Types of PRP Kits

PRP kits come in various configurations to suit different procedures, each designed to optimize the extraction and application of platelet-rich plasma.  The primary types include:
  1. Single Spin Kits: These kits require a single centrifugation step to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components. They are typically more straightforward and time-efficient, ideal for quick turnaround.
  2. Double Spin Kits: Offering a higher concentration of platelets, these kits involve two centrifugation cycles. The additional spin maximizes platelet yield, enhancing the therapeutic potential for more demanding applications such as severe orthopedic injuries or advanced cosmetic procedures.
  3. Closed System Kits: Designed to minimize the risk of contamination, closed system kits keep the blood and PRP sealed from the environment throughout the process. This feature is crucial in maintaining sterility, particularly in surgical environments.
  4. Open System Kits: These allow more flexibility in handling and extracting PRP but require a meticulous technique to maintain sterility.
  5. Kits with Anticoagulants: Some kits include anticoagulants to prevent the blood from clotting during processing, which can be essential for maintaining the quality and usability of the PRP.
Each type of kit serves specific clinical needs, enabling healthcare providers to select the most appropriate version based on the application's complexity and the desired concentration of platelets.

PRP Gel Administartion Technique

PRP gels, like PLASMOLIFTING™ PRP GEL, are some of the most frequently used kits in the industry.  Here is the detailed administration technique:
  • Blood Collection:
    • Draw blood from the patient using a sterile technique.
    • Collect the required amount of blood as specified by the PRP kit instructions.
  • Centrifugation:
    • Place the blood into the centrifuge using the tubes provided in the kit.
    • Spin the blood according to the kit’s specified time and speed to separate the plasma.
  • Extraction of PRP:
    • After centrifugation, carefully extract the platelet-rich plasma layer using a sterile syringe.
    • Avoid disturbing the other layers to ensure a high concentration of platelets.
  • Activation of PRP:
    • If required by the procedure, activate the PRP with calcium chloride or thrombin to form PRP gel.
  • Administration:
    • Apply or inject the PRP gel into the treatment area using a sterile technique.

Where Can I Buy PRP Kits?

To ensure your patients safety, and maximize the efficiency of the PRP treatments, you’ll need to source them from a reputable and trusted source. However, with many counterfeit products on the market, finding a reliable source can be challenging. At Med Supply Solutions, we've done the hard work for you by thoroughly vetting all our suppliers. If you want to order PRP kits online, contact our trained team that will help you streamline the process. We guarantee the best prices on the market, and we’ll even match the price if you manage to find the original product cheaper.

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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) kits are used in various medical and cosmetic procedures due to their ability to promote healing and regeneration using the patient’s own blood.

They can be helpful in several procedures, from hair restoration to skin rejuvenation. PRP kits isolate and concentrate the patient’s growth factors and platelets which stimulates cellular renewal, collagen production, and tissue regeneration.

This multi-faceted technique adds personalized care to the clinic, significantly increasing patient satisfaction and trust.



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