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Are you looking to buy ORTHOVISC® at wholesale prices? Book a Meeting today with Med Supply Solutions to get an authentic product with worldwide shipping. ORTHOVISC® is an injection containing hyaluronic acid from non-animal sources. It’s used to treat knee osteoarthritis, and with just three to four injections, it can provide up to six months of pain relief.

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What Is ORTHOVISC® Used For?

ORTHOVISC® is specifically designed to manage pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee. Doctors prescribe it for patients who have not seen improvements with non-pharmacological interventions or over-the-counter pain medications. Practitioners can buy ORTHOVISC® online for convenience at any time. It’s a high-molecular-weight injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) that requires a series of injections to achieve results (typically 3-4 injections). By acting as a synovial fluid supplement, it enhances the natural function of knee joints. The properties of hyaluronic acid help improve joint mobility and alleviate pain by cushioning the joint, reducing friction, and supporting overall joint health.  That makes ORTHOVISC® a preferable choice among patients who are looking to try non-surgical treatment for their knee OA pain. 

ORTHOVISC® Patient Selection Criteria

Each patient considering using ORTHOVISC® in their treatment of OA knee pain should be carefully evaluated before starting the therapy.  It is primarily indicated for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee who have not responded to conservative non-pharmacological therapies and simple analgesics such as acetaminophen. Clinics can buy ORTHOVISC® wholesale from certified distributors to ensure they receive a genuine product​. This viscosupplementation therapy is ideal for patients who wish to try non-surgical solutions first. The treatment can potentially delay the need for more invasive procedures because it restores synovial fluid properties and helps with joint lubrication and function.

ORTHOVISC® Administration Technique

The administration of ORTHOVISC® is a precise procedure that should only be done by professionals specifically trained in intra-articular injections. ORTHOVISC® is injected directly into the knee joint. This ensures that the hyaluronic acid supplements synovial fluid. The standard treatment protocol consists of one 2 mL injection (30 mg of hyaluronic acid) per week over three to four weeks. Before administering the treatment, the injection site around the knee should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent infection. It should be applied in the correct anatomical location to ensure proper delivery of ORTHOVISC® into the synovial space.  To order ORTHOVISC® online from reputable suppliers and ensure a genuine product, you can contact our sales team to guide you.  Doctors should advise their patients to avoid any strenuous activities 48 hours after the injection treatment to minimize risks of swelling or pain.

ORTHOVISC® Side Effects

When administering ORTHOVISC®, medical professionals should be aware of potential side effects and inform the patients. Here are the most common side effects associated with ORTHOVISC®:
  •     Joint pain, stiffness, or swelling
  •     Itching, numbness, or tingling
  •     Headache, dizziness
  •     Back pain
  •     Injection site reactions (swelling, pain, redness, mild discomfort)
Other possible side effects appear less frequently, and they include allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing or facial swelling. These are considered to be emergency conditions that require immediate care.  If you’re looking to buy ORTHOVISC® for your clinic or practice, make sure to find a reputable supplier who can guarantee product authenticity. This can lower the chances of unwanted patient reactions to the treatment. 

ORTHOVISC® vs. Competition

ORTHOVISC® has several competitors when it comes to managing knee pain from osteoarthritis, and Euflexxa and Synvisc are most commonly mentioned.  ORTHOVISC® and Euflexxa both have high molecular weight, which means they both help mimic natural synovial fluid found in healthy knees. These two brands are derived from non-animal sources, unlike Synvisc which comes from rooster combs. This makes Synvisc suitable only for patients who don’t have avian allergies. All three brands need to be administered once a week over three weeks. The duration of relief typically extends up to six months, although this can vary depending on individual patient factors such as the degree of joint degeneration and activity levels.

Where Can I Buy ORTHOVISC®?

ORTHOVISC® eye drops can be purchased through a variety of channels, but it’s important to always find authorized distributors. Getting this product from authorized pharmaceutical distributors guarantees the authenticity and quality of the product. It also ensures healthcare professionals and clinics maintain their integrity and patient safety. This can typically be verified through the product’s official website, which may provide a list of approved distributors or you can contact our sales team to assist you. 



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