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Contact Med Supply Solutions today and buy NEAUVIA™ online at wholesale prices. Book a Meeting today and ask about our free shipping offer! What makes NEAUVIA™ a quality product is using PEG (polyethylene glycol) in the formulation of its hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. PEG is documented to be safe for use and helps improve fillers' cohesivity, viscoelasticity, and thermal stability. NEAUVIA™ fillers show no pathologic inflammatory reactions or cytotoxic activity.

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What Is NEAUVIA™ Used For?

NEAUVIA™ is used for various cosmetic and therapeutic needs, focusing primarily on aesthetic and anti-age improvements. The brand offers a range of hyaluronic acid (HA)- based fillers, and you can buy NEAUVIA™ online and use it in your practice.  NEAUVIA™ is a brand in aesthetic medicine known for using a unique approach - Smart Combination Therapy. It focuses on using various restorative therapies to manage age-related anatomical changes in both men and women. The NEAUVIA™ organic fillers are mostly used for fine lines and wrinkles, facial volume restoration, and skin hydration and elasticity enhancement. However, there are also fillers for delicate areas prone to aging signs. NEAUVIA™ is known for PEG, a polymer known for its high safety profile and ability to improve the fillers' performance in terms of cohesivity, viscoelasticity, and thermal stability. These fillers address aesthetic concerns such as superficial skin rejuvenation and deep structural augmentation. There are also products available for lip augmentation, cheek volumization, and the subtle lifting of facial contours.

How Long Does NEAUVIA™ Last?

The duration of NEAUVIA™ can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months.  Although the fillers are pretty long-lasting, the longevity of any specific filler depends on various factors.  Here’s a list of factors that influence the longevity of NEAUVIA™ treatment:
  • Metabolism
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Application area
  • The specific choice NEAUVIA™ product

NEAUVIA™ Administration Techniques

For professionals who choose to order NEAUVIA™ online and offer it as part of their aesthetic solutions, it’s important to be familiar with the application technique for each product used. NEAUVIA™ fillers can be administered using different techniques, such as linear threading, fanning, cross-hatching, to serial puncture, depending on the specific goals of the rejuvenation procedure. When applying the fillers, it’s important to focus on technique, but also the depth of injection. This depends on the area that is being treated and the specific NEAUVIA™ product used. 

NEAUVIA™ Product Range

If you’re considering whether or not to buy NEAUVIA™ for your practice, you should familiarize yourself with the extensive product range that NEAUVIA™ offers first.  Here’s a concise overview of the NEAUVIA™ product lineup:

NEAUVIA™ Side Effects

Medical professionals considering to buy NEAUVIA™ wholesale for their practice should be aware of the product’s safety profile and potential side effects.  Symptoms like redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site most commonly appear after the administration. But they’re short-lived. Severe side effects are rare. Nonetheless, medical professionals should always conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical history and any potential allergies to avoid complications.  Proper administration techniques and post-treatment care are vital to minimize adverse effects and ensure optimal outcomes.

Where Can I Buy NEAUVIA™?

If you wish to start using NEAUVIA™ in your practice or clinic, our dedicated sales team will assist with all your needs. You can buy NEAUVIA™ products today from Med Supply Solutions. With a long list of NEAUVIA™ products, you must purchase them only from authorized sellers to get the best product and ensure patient safety. 



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