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LATISSE® is a clinically proven treatment designed to enhance eyelash prominence by increasing their length, thickness, and darkness. As a prescription product, LATISSE® is specifically formulated to address hypotrichosis, a condition where individuals have inadequate or not enough eyelashes. If you're looking to buy Latisse for your practice, our sales agents can give you all of the pertinent information.
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What LATISSE® is Used for?

LATISSE® is primarily used to treat hypotrichosis, a condition characterized by not having enough eyelashes and similar problems. Hypotrichosis can occur due to various factors, including genetics, aging, certain medical conditions, or as a side effect of medications. Individuals with hypotrichosis often experience sparse, short, or brittle eyelashes, which can detract from the overall appearance of the eyes. By applying LATISSE® daily as directed, users can experience noticeable improvements in lash length, thickness, and darkness over time. The active ingredient in LATISSE®, bimatoprost, works by prolonging the anagen (growth) phase of the eyelash hair cycle, resulting in longer and more voluminous lashes. Additionally, bimatoprost may also stimulate the growth of new eyelash hairs, further enhancing lash density. With consistent use, many individuals see significant enhancements in their eyelashes within a few weeks to a few months of starting LATISSE® treatment. Results may vary from person to person, but overall, LATISSE® offers a clinically proven solution for achieving fuller, longer, and darker lashes, helping individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

How Long Does LATISSE® Last?

The effects of LATISSE® are not permanent, requiring ongoing maintenance to sustain lash enhancements. Continued daily application is necessary to maintain the desired length, thickness, and darkness of the eyelashes. Individual results will vary based on factors such as genetics, age, and adherence to the treatment regimen. While some users may experience significant improvements in lash appearance within a few weeks of starting LATISSE®, others may require more extended periods to achieve optimal results. Discontinuing LATISSE® use will lead to a gradual return to the pre-treatment state, where eyelashes may revert to their original length, thickness, and darkness over time. It is essential for individuals using LATISSE® to understand that consistency in application is key to sustaining the desired lash enhancements. Regular consultations with you can help patients monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed to ensure continued satisfaction with the results achieved through ordering LATISSE® online and regular use.

LATISSE® Administration Technique

Achieving optimal results with LATISSE® relies on proper administration techniques. To begin, LATISSE® should be applied once daily to the base of the upper eyelashes using the sterile applicators provided with the product. Here's a step-by-step guide for patients:
  1. Preparation: Start with clean, dry skin. Remove any makeup or contact lenses before application.
  2. Applicator Preparation: Open a new, sterile applicator provided with each LATISSE® bottle. Avoid touching the tip of the applicator to prevent contamination.
  3. Application: Dip the tip of the applicator into the solution, ensuring it is adequately coated with LATISSE®.
  4. Apply to Upper Lashes: Gently apply LATISSE® along the base of the upper eyelashes, starting from the inner corner and moving outward. Use a sweeping motion along the lash line, similar to applying eyeliner.
  5. Avoid Contact with Other Areas: Take care to avoid contact with other areas of the face to minimize the risk of unwanted hair growth. If excess solution comes into contact with the skin, gently wipe it away with a tissue.
  6. Dispose of Applicator: After use, dispose of the applicator. Do not reuse applicators to prevent the risk of contamination.
By following these administration techniques diligently, users can maximize the efficacy of LATISSE® and achieve the desired enhancements.

LATISSE® Side Effects

Some common side effects associated with LATISSE® are:
  • Itching: Some users may experience itching or irritation in the eyelash area after applying LATISSE®.
  • Redness: Redness of the eyelid skin may occur in some users following LATISSE® application.
  • Darkening of the Eyelid Skin: In some cases, prolonged use of LATISSE® may lead to darkening of the skin on the eyelids. This effect is usually gradual and reversible upon discontinuation of the product.
It's important to note that these side effects are typically mild and temporary, with most users experiencing relief once they stop using LATISSE®. However, if patients experience persistent or severe side effects, it is recommended to consult you for further evaluation and guidance. Read more about LATISSE® long term side effects in our dedicated blog post.

LATISSE® vs Competition

Compared to other eyelash enhancement products, LATISSE® stands out for its clinically proven efficacy and safety profile. Not many other products can offer the same level of success.

Where Can I Buy LATISSE®?

For information on buying LATISSE® wholesale, you can contact our team at Med Supply Solutions. Our agents are dedicated to assisting customers with their needs and providing guidance on obtaining LATISSE®. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us right away to learn more about LATISSE® and explore the possibilities for enhancing eyelash prominence.



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