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Buy JALUPRO® Online at Med Supply Solutions

 JALUPRO® is a brand of bio-revitalizing injectable solutions and cosmetics created by Swiss biotechnology compan Since 2006, the brand has been successfully distributed to numerous countries across the globe, helping clients fight against the visible signs of aging and the stress of everyday life while also enhancing their beauty features for a naturally youthful look. Today, JALUPRO® is known to be one of the top three brands of skin boosters. Offering fillers, face masks, gels, and creams, its mission is to uplift the skin and create quality and natural, lasting results. Find JALUPRO® for sale at Med Supply Solutions.

Why Choose JALUPRO®

When you buy JALUPRO®, you can be sure you are offering your clients one of the top skin boosters on the market. As an injectable bio-revitalization treatment, JALUPRO® is loved for its ability to deeply hydrate and revive skin cells. This gives your clients a natural, refreshed look while also helping them correct or emphasize their facial features. JALUPRO® brand is often a first choice of boosters to combine with other treatments or use as a preparation for different skin procedures. Although some repetition may be needed, which depends on many factors, results tend to be visible instantly or up to 7 days after the first treatment, with the results lasting up to 6 months.

Explore the JALUPRO® Product Line

JALUPRO® product line offers different potent, bio-revitalizing products based on hyaluronic acid, created for skin boosting, moisturizing, and eliminating unwanted scarring and wrinkling. Depending on the client’s needs and the specific product, they can be applied to the face and neck, as well as cleavage, hands, and other parts of the body that need a little uplifting. If you’re wondering where to buy JALUPRO®, the following products are available to order on Med Supply Solutions: The original JALUPRO® dermal filler is based on sodium hyaluronate and amino acids. It is used for smoothing out wrinkles, eliminating visible signs of aging, as well as improving the overall appearance of skin. It can be used both before and after other aesthetic procedures, including laser therapy, to improve their results.

JALUPRO® Super Hydro

JALUPRO® Super Hydro is a product based on hybrid hyaluronic acid, helping the synthesis of collagen and enhancing skin elasticity and deep hydration, as well as providing a lifting effect.

JALUPRO® Moisturizing Biocellulose Face Mask

JALUPRO® skin masks, with active hyaluronic acid, help reduce the visible signs of aging, helping it hydrate and stay hydrated for longer. These masks are recommended for use after dermal filler treatments or other aesthetic procedures.

JALUPRO® Enhancer Gel

The enhancer gel from JALUPRO® is aimed at eyebrow and eyelash hair, protecting it against harmful external influences. This cosmetic product stimulates the growth of stronger, longer, and thicker hair, helping you round up your natural look.


This JALUPRO® product is used for targeting wrinkles and scars, as well as for facial and body treatments or in combination with other rejuvenating procedures. Order your products online from Med Supply Solutions, the best place to buy JALUPRO® for licensed users.

JALUPRO® vs Competition

Being one of the top brands of skin booster fillers, JALUPRO® has quite a competition. Profhilo® is the skin booster that is most commonly compared to. While both are created with high-quality hyaluronic acid solutions, what sets JALUPRO® apart is the fact that it delivers a more concentrated effect of hydration and is more likely to be used in delicate areas, like under the eyes.

Buy JALUPRO® at Med Supply Solutions

Buy the JALUPRO® product line at Med Supply Solutions and receive VIP treatment from our sales agents. We will follow you through the shopping and shipment procedure, making sure you receive a product that is safe and of great quality, all for a fair wholesale price. Since 2006, we have been striving to create the best possible partnership with licensed Medspa professionals - a mission that has stayed our top priority. Order JALUPRO® from Med Supply Solutions now.



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