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If you’re looking to buy HYMOVIS® online for your practice, contact the sales agents at Med Supply Solutions today and get all the pertinent information. HYMOVIS® is a high-molecular-weight viscoelastic hyaluronan solution that has been proven effective in managing knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. This treatment allows healthcare providers to offer a non-surgical option that enhances patient care by directly addressing the pain and mobility issues common in osteoarthritis sufferers.

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What Is HYMOVIS® Used For?

HYMOVIS® is primarily used to treat knee pain in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. Here are the key uses of the product:
  • Pain Relief: It is specifically designed for patients who have not found adequate relief from simple analgesics like acetaminophen or from non-pharmacological treatments such as exercise and physical therapy.
  • Improved Mobility: By improving the viscoelastic properties of the synovial fluid within the knee joint, HYMOVIS® can enhance joint function, thereby improving patient mobility and quality of life.
  • Alternative to Surgery: Offers a non-invasive treatment option for managing osteoarthritis symptoms, potentially delaying or avoiding the need for more invasive procedures like knee surgery.

How Long Does HYMOVIS® Last?

The duration of effectiveness for HYMOVIS® after treatment can vary among individuals, but generally, the pain relief and improved joint function provided by HYMOVIS® injections can last up to six months The treatment involves two injections administered one week apart. This timeframe can differ based on individual patient factors such as the severity of osteoarthritis, activity level, and overall joint health.  Patients may consider repeat treatments upon consultation with their healthcare provider to maintain the benefits.

HYMOVIS® Administering Techniques

A trained clinical professional should perform the administration of HYMOVIS®, and the process involves the following steps:
  • Patient Preparation: Ensure the patient's knee area is clean and disinfected to prevent infection.
  • Injection Site Identification: Locate the optimal injection site on the knee, typically the superolateral or superomedial aspect of the patellar tendon.
  • Anesthesia Application: Apply a local anesthetic if necessary to minimize discomfort during the injection process.
  • Syringe Preparation: Assemble the pre-filled syringe of HYMOVIS® according to manufacturer instructions, ensuring that all air bubbles are expelled.
  • Injection: Inject HYMOVIS® slowly into the knee joint space, maintaining sterile techniques throughout the procedure.
  • Post-Injection Care: Instruct the patient to avoid strenuous activities for 48 hours following the injection to maximize treatment effectiveness and minimize the risk of injury.

HYMOVIS® Side Effects

While HYMOVIS® is effective in treating osteoarthritis knee pain, it can have potential side effects, including:
  • Arthralgia: Pain in the knee joint following injection.
  • Injection Site Reactions: Redness, swelling, and inflammation at the site of injection.
  • Erythema: Reddening of the skin around the injection site.
  • Edema: Fluid build-up and swelling in the knee area.
  • Pruritus: Itching at or around the injection area.
  • Headache: Some patients may experience headaches following the procedure.
  • Nausea: Occasional feelings of sickness post-injection.
These side effects are generally mild and temporary but should be monitored closely.

HYMOVIS® vs Competition

HYMOVIS® stands out in the market for its unique high molecular weight formulation, which may provide enhanced viscoelastic properties compared to other hyaluronan-based treatments.  Firstly, HYMOVIS® offers an effective two-injection regimen that can be more convenient compared to competitors that may require more frequent dosing.  Secondly, the product is known for its robust safety profile, demonstrating comparable side effects to saline controls, thus emphasizing its reliability.  Lastly, HYMOVIS® has been shown to maintain its effectiveness in symptom relief for up to six months, potentially offering longer-lasting benefits than some alternatives.

Where Can I Buy HYMOVIS®?

To order HYMOVIS® online, it's essential to contact a reputable medical supplier that ensures you receive authentic products directly from verified sources.  Our sales agents at Med Supply Solutions are equipped to assist you with information on how to buy HYMOVIS® at wholesale prices, ensuring you access competitive rates and reliable product quality. 



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