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EMLA™ is a topical anesthetic that combines two amide-type local anesthetics, lidocaine and prilocaine. It is a eutectic mixture of two local anesthetics, lidocaine 2.5% and prilocaine 2.5%, formulated as an oil in water emulsion. It is typically used on skin and sometimes on mucosa, during minor procedures such as birthmark and wart removal, or needle insertion such as venipuncture. EMLA™ is used for pediatric patients over three months of age and adult patients. Medical practitioners who want to buy EMLA™ to use in their clinics should only do so through reliable distributors.
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What Is EMLA™ Used For?

The product is used on healthy, intact skin or on the outer genital area and genital mucosa as a numbing agent before laser procedures, skin grafts, needle insertion, or wart removal. EMLA™ prevents patients from feeling pain. However, they may still feel pressure or touch. It is used on adults, children, and infants, with additional precautions necessary for infants under three months of age. It should not be used on premature babies. Dermatology clinics often need larger amounts of topical anesthetic for various procedures, so it’s economically sound to buy EMLA™ wholesale. It is also common for pediatric offices to purchase higher amounts of EMLA™ to make vaccinations and needle insertion easier for their young patients.

How Long Does EMLA™ Last?

EMLA™ is usually applied one hour before a procedure. Its effects peak after two to three hours after application depending on the amount of anesthetic used, and the presence of occlusive dressing. The effects of the anesthetic typically last for one hour after the medication is removed from the skin.

EMLA™ Administration Technique

EMLA™ is applied topically onto intact skin or genital mucosa by a physican or a nurse. The practitioner must wear gloves to avoid contact with their own skin. To reduce systemic absorption in cases where a large are needs to be treated, apply the anesthetic cream in sections and use about one centimeter of cream per 10 centimeters square of skin. The area needs to be clean and dry before application and secured with an occlusive dressing upon application. Wait for about an hour before starting the procedure for EMLA™ to take effect. Remove the anesthetic after the procedure is done. For patches, it takes the same amount of time for the anesthetic to work. However, their advantage is that they come prepared, so there is no danger of underdosing or overdosing the patient. Make sure the anesthetic does not come into contact with eyes, ears, or mouth, especially for peadiatric patients.  

EMLA™ Side Effects

The side effects of EMLA™ are rare and minimal, and they usually resolve on their own within a few hours. The peak blood levels of the two active substances with the application of 60 g of EMLA™ cream to 400 cm2 of skin do not reach systemic toxicity levels. These are the most common side effects of EMLA™ cream and patches:
  • Paleness, redness, or swelling of the treated area
  • Mild feeling of burning, itching, or warmth of the treated area, more common with genital mucosa or leg ulcers
If EMLA™ comes in contact with the eyes, there may be irritation.

Where Can I Buy EMLA™?

Medical practitioners who want to buy EMLA™ online should only purchase it from trustworthy distributors for the safety of their patients and staff. The focus should be on the authenticity of the product, as well as safe storage and safe shipping. This product is only to be used by licensed medical practitioners. If you want to order EMLA™ online, contact our team for more information on how to safely acquire this product.



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