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ELRAVIE® is the leading product in the medical aesthetics industry that is favored by professionals seeking to offer their patients substantial improvements in facial volumization and wrinkle reduction. This monophasic dermal filler, crafted from non-animal-based hyaluronic acid, utilizes advanced HI technology. This innovation ensures the formation of a stable filler structure by maximizing the bonds between HA and BDDE molecules during the crosslinking process, thereby minimizing the risk of edema and allergic reactions post-procedure. If you want to buy ELRAVIE® online, contact our sales team.

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What Is ELRAVIE® Used For?

The monophasic dermal filler ELRAVIE® utilizes the latest HI technology, which is based on a safe and efficient approach to cross-linking hyaluronic acid molecules that lead to the formation of a stable gel structure. This technology not only reduces the amount of residual BDDE but also ensures a long-lasting effect. ELRAVIE® is a dermal filler designed for skin defects and wrinkles treatment. With its product line, including ELRAVIE® Premier Light-L and ELRAVIE® Premier Deep Line-L, the company has developed solutions to address various problems, from fine facial wrinkles to deep lines. ELRAVIE® is known for its quality, safety, and natural-looking outcomes as it retains the form and efficiency for the time periods of 9-12 months. It is important to buy ELRAVIE® online from reliable sources, in order to provide a safe product for your patients. The addition of lidocaine in the formulations provides a relief to patients during the treatment procedures, therefore, ELRAVIE® is widely recognized by both practitioners and patients.

How Long Does ELRAVIE® Last?

ELRAVIE® fillers, that are based on the HI technology, provide a long term effect going beyond the common 3-6 month period of most fillers - its effects may last up to 18 months.  The treatment area is the decisive factor in duration. For instance, fillers in less active facial regions may last longer. In this regard, metabolism and lifestyle also have a huge impact on filler's life span. The particular product formulation eliminates problems with swelling and allergic reactions, bringing a high level of satisfaction to patients due to natural-looking results and improved efficiency. If you want to include this product in your practice, buying ELRAVIE® wholesale can be a cost-effective strategy.

ELRAVIE® Product Range

ELRAVIE® brand offers a diverse range of solutions that are targeted at different cosmetic needs of patients, all of which use the brand's patented HI technology.
  1. ELRAVIE Premier Light-L - Ideal for addressing light facial wrinkles, offering high viscosity and elasticity for effective treatment of fine lines and subtle volume enhancements.
  2. ELRAVIE Premier Deep Line-L - Designed to volumize and improve deeper facial wrinkles, suitable for more pronounced facial lines and folds.
  3. ELRAVIE Premier Ultra Volume-L - Targets significant volume augmentation and deep wrinkle improvement, perfect for comprehensive facial volumization and contouring.
When considering buying ELRAVIE® online, each variant in the product range is crafted with care to maintain its shape and effectiveness over time. These fillers are designed for durability, offering voluminous and long-lasting results to meet diverse cosmetic needs.

ELRAVIE® Side Effects

The ELRAVIE® side effects are like the ones that appear usually with other hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers. One of the frequent reactions is the appearance of swelling, redness, bruising, tenderness, itching, and pain at the injection site. Serious side effects are uncommon but may include allergic reactions, both immediate and delayed, or infections that appear as redness, tenderness, or lumps where the injection was administered. It's crucial to buy ELRAVIE® online only from reputable sources to ensure the product's authenticity and safety. Also of great importance is having the filler injected by a professional who has the necessary qualifications and experience and who can skillfully handle the procedure and any possible side effects, leading to the best possible results for the patient.

Where Can I Buy ELRAVIE®?

It is very important for medical professionals to consider dealing with reliable and authorized distributors only when it comes to purchasing ELRAVIE® online This careful selection process is essential to guarantee the procurement of genuine ELRAVIE® products, effectively circumventing the risks associated with counterfeit versions.  By following this instruction, healthcare providers make sure that the high-quality standards of the ELRAVIE® products are maintained in order to ensure that the treatments performed are effective and safe for patients.



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