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Cytocare refers to a range of dermal fillers known for its combination of hyaluronic acid and a unique rejuvenating complex of amino acids, vitamins, and other microelements, which firms, hydrates, and plumps the skin. Only medical professionals are allowed to buy Cytocare, and they should only purchase it from reputable distributors.

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What Is Cytocare Used for?

Cytocare is a mesotherapy product that treats, corrects, and prevents aging-related skin issues. Its unique formula reduces wrinkles and fine lines, hydrates the skin, and improves its overall health and appearance. Cytocare contains hyaluronic acid, lipoic acid, putrescine, and thymidine, as well as 20 amino acids and vitamins.

How Long Does Cytocare Last?

The effects of Cytocare can be visible for up to a year. As it improves skin health, regular use can bring more significant results, so skin professionals recommend a touch-up session every three months. 

Cytocare Administration Techniques

The most common injection areas for Cytocare are the face and neck. The product can be injected into the middle or superficial dermis manually or using an injection gun. The administration techniques depend on the concentration:
  • Cytocare 502 – Nappage, point-by-point, and transdermal systems
  • Cytocare 516 and Cytocare 532 – Point-by-point, retrotracing, fan injection, cross-hatching, and transdermal systems
The typical number of sessions is three, one every three weeks, with touch-up procedures recommended after three months. 

Cytocare Product Range

All Cytocare products help skin improve density, elasticity, hydration, and radiance and contain valuable microelements. However, the Cytocare product range contains three products varying in strength:
  • Cytocare 502 (2 mg of hyaluronic acid) – A dermal filler that helps young skin remain young and has the lowest concentration of HA.
  • Cytocare 516 (16 mg of hyaluronic acid) –A stronger product for early lines and wrinkles.
  • Cytocare 532 (32 mg of hyaluronic acid) – Used for mature skin. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Cytocare Side Effects

Most side effects of Cytocare are mild, localized, and resolved on their own. Here are the most common side effects of Cytocare:
  • Pain, redness, and itching at the injection site
  • Bleeding
  • Tingling
  • Inflammation
  • Bruising
Less common side effects of the product include:
  • Swelling
  • Nodules
  • Ecchymosis
  • Infection
Medical practitioners who buy Cytocare online must purchase the product from reputable distributors to ensure patient safety, explain potential side effects to their patients, and encourage patients to report any adverse reactions for prompt treatment.

Cytocare vs. Competition

Cytocare is not just a hyaluronic filler but is also known for its complex of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Of these three popular fillers, it is most similar to Aquashine as they are both HA-based with additional elements. 
  • Cytocare vs. Aquashine – Aquashine is fairly similar to Cytocare, with a combination of hyaluronic acid and a microelement complex of its own. 
  • Cytocare vs. Profhilo – Unlike Cytocare, Profhilo doesn’t contain a rejuvenating complex treatment.
  • Cytocare vs. Sculptra – Sculptra is based on poly-L-lactic acid, and it works by stimulating natural collagen production. 

Where Can I Buy Cytocare?

Cytocare should only be administered by trained medical practitioners. People who are considering buying Cytocare wholesale for their offices should discuss it with our agents.



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