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If you’re considering buying CRESPINE® for your clinic or practice, you can expect a product that integrates seamlessly with the body’s existing tissues to treat OA symptoms. Medical professionals use CRESPINE® viscosupplement gel to treat osteoarthritis in the knee and hip joints. This injectable gel contains hyaluronic acid and helps alleviate joint pain and improve overall mobility. The cross-linked hyaluronic acid acts as the main component that helps maintain joint health by helping with lubrication and shock absorption. This helps reduce mechanical stress on the joint tissues, and potentially the need for surgery.

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What Is CRESPINE® Used For?

CRESPINE® gel is used as an intra-articular injectable treatment for osteoarthritis, particularly in the knee and hip joints. Hyaluronic acid, which is the main component of this treatment, helps maintain joint health and functionality.  Medical professionals who wish to incorporate this treatment into their practice can contact our team to get information on where to buy CRESPINE® online from authorized channels.  CRESPINE® manages the symptoms of osteoarthritis successfully and it works by improving joint function and reducing pain. This can significantly improve a patient’s life quality. Another formulation on the market is CRESPINE® GEL PLUS. It contains high-purity hyaluronic acid that forms a protective layer over the cartilage, reducing friction and wear between bones.

How Long Does CRESPINE® Last?

CRESPINE® is a single-shot injection, which means patients should feel pain relief after the first dosage. The effects of a single CRESPINE® injection can last for about six months to one year.  However, the duration can vary depending on many factors, but most importantly, the patient's condition. The severity of joint degeneration prior to the treatment along with the patient’s level of physical activity impacts the longevity of CRESPINE® effects. Clinics who order CRESPINE® online from verified sources will get a product known for its longevity in treating OA symptoms. CRESPINE® is mostly effective because of the high molecular weight and cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid used in its formulation. This helps with viscosity and resistance to degradation within the joint.

CRESPINE® Administration Techniques

With CRESPINE®, proper administration technique is crucial and should be done by a healthcare professional. Before the process starts, the treatment area must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. After the disinfection, CRESPINE® should be injected into the joint space using a fine-gauge needle. It’s recommended to monitor the patients post-treatment for any immediate reactions. Patients should be advised to avoid strenuous activities for a couple of days to allow the joint to adapt to the new fluid supplement.   Clinics that regularly provide joint care treatments can buy CRESPINE® wholesale to ensure enough supplies for their patients' needs.

CRESPINE® Side Effects

The side effects associated with CRESPINE® injections are mostly short-lived and not alarming.  The most common issues associated with this treatment are:
  • Pain at the injection site 
  • Swelling and bruising 
  • Redness 
  • Warmth at the injection site
In rare cases, there are more serious reactions such as angioedema, arthritis flare-ups, and vasovagal reactions. Other reactions that are also rare, but can appear, include increased blood pressure, fatigue, and nausea. Healthcare providers should always inform patients about any side effects before the treatment begins. To minimize unwanted reactions, healthcare professionals should always buy CRESPINE® from authorized distributors. Our team will be glad to help you with that anytime.  

CRESPINE® vs Competition

CRESPINE® is an osteoarthritis viscosupplement treatment that competes with several other brands on the market that help deal with OA symptoms as well. Other well-known hyaluronic acid injections are Durolane, Synvisc, and Supartz. These are all popular choices in managing knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Durolane, a single-injection treatment provides pain relief and improves joint function for up to six months. It improves the elasticity and viscosity of the synovial fluid as well. Synvisc, on the other hand, is administered in three injections spaced a week apart. It aims to mimic the knee's natural synovial fluid and provides cushioning and lubrication to the joint. Finally, Supartz is designed to improve the joint's natural shock-absorbing abilities. But it takes 5 series of injections for the treatment to work. However, if you choose to buy CRESPINE® for your practice, you will not make a mistake with this brand as it has many advantages. It’s a gel formulation that not only lubricates the joint but also provides cushioning. The effects of it can extend up to a year for some patients. Unlike some other brands, CRESPINE® is a single-shot injection, which makes the process much easier and faster for the patients. 

Where Can I Buy CRESPINE®?

If CRESPINE® is your preferred choice for patients suffering from knee and hip joint osteoarthritis, our team can help you with any information regarding purchasing the authentic product. Feel free to contact us and get information about where you can find reputable distributors.



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