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Order ALIAXIN® Fillers at Wholesale Prices

The best place to buy ALIAXIN® fillers for licensed users at wholesale prices is always a trusted source of medical supplies, like Med Supply Solutions. Here, you can enjoy the range of ALIAXIN® brand products that are suitable for different needs and applications. As ALIAXIN® consists of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, it is becoming a first-choice brand for numerous medical and aesthetic professionals, mainly because this form of HA is considered quite powerful in facial contouring. Offering a natural look and a long-lasting effect is often the alternative to invasive plastic surgery. Approved by the FDA, the ALIAXIN® product range has been created to adapt to 12 different facial areas, offering a personalized treatment for every patient. Incorporate ALIAXIN® into your business offer, and you’ll soon have a long list of satisfied clients!

Why Choose This Brand?

When you order ALIAXIN® products, you are choosing injectable dermal fillers with the purest, non-animal hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in our bodies yet decreases over time and with aging, injecting the skin with this cross-linked hyaluronic acid seamlessly integrates into the skin and boosts its ability to restore moisture and the production of collagen. This process is crucial for keeping our skin healthy and protected from the outside world’s pollution and UVA rays. On top of that, ALIAXIN® helps create the facial structure just the way the client needs or wants it. Treatments with ALIAXIN® are noninvasive, easy to maintain, and highly personalized, as the line can simultaneously target 12 different facial areas, depending on the chosen products. With ALIAXIN®, you can expect to see immediate, natural-looking results on your clients, leaving them happy with their decision to try and uplift their face.

Discover This Range Of Products

When you search to order ALIAXIN® products, you will discover that each has been designed for a specific skin benefit. Some are made for increasing volume, while others are more focused on sculpting or hydrating. You can also choose a product customizable to a wide variety of needs. Products available on Med Supply Solutions are sold in packages with two pre-filled syringes, each containing about 1 ml of filler:


Shape and Restore, used for dermal remodeling, the correction of medium to deep sagging skin on the face.


Superior Volume, used for restoring facial volume, natural contouring and hydration.


Fine Lines, used for fine lines on the face and increasing lip volume.


Lip Volume, used for the increase in volume of lips, as well as for correction of medium and deep sagging facial skin.


Global Performance product, used for the correction of deep and medium sagging skin, tagging most facial imperfections, and to increase lip volume.


Essential Volume product, used for restoring facial volume and symmetry, as well as for the correction of deep sagging skin. While the effects of ALIAXIN® fillers are expected to last from 6 to 12 months, keep in mind that this depends on many factors, as each client is different. Hyaluronic acid breaks down naturally over the course of time. As taking care of one’s skin is a must at any age, dermal fillers are not to be used as a substitute for a quality skincare and healthy regimen.

ALIAXIN® vs Competition

While there are many dermal fillers on the market, ALIAXIN® stands out due to the number of treatments needed to reach the desired effect. While other hyaluronic fillers may take a few procedures, the final results of ALIAXIN® are noticeable almost immediately after the treatment, with results lasting up to 12 months, depending on the grade used, just from a single treatment.

Where Can I purchase this product?

You can purchase ALIAXIN® online at Med Supply Solutions, which offers you wholesale prices, special deals, and your own VIP sales agent for the most personalized client experience. Ever since we first began in 2016, we have been guiding our business with principles of quality, trust, customer satisfaction, and competitive pricing. We strive to give only the best quality for the best price to all licensed professionals, making us a leading medical, aesthetic, and orthopedic product supplier in the United States. To make sure your shipment comes promptly and safely, order ALIAXIN® from Med Supply Solutions.



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